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You can check and read about all socialist car, like Trabant, Wartburg, Polski Fiat, Lada, Volga, Skoda, Zuk, Barkas

You can read about our company, and Hungary. You can understand what is our motivation.

Here, You can ask, and you can read the what other people wrote.

If you like any type, and want to buy it, please get in contact and  discuss the details.

Our company imports socialist cars in perfect condition to Western Europe and the USA. These cars were Socialista block symbols. In many parts of the world are completely unknown types. Check out our cars and we will deliver it to you if you like one.

These cars mass poduction finished 20 years ago and their number is rapidly running out. Their usage has changed and only a vanishing number is still in daily use. Recently, the largest number and types of them can be found in Hungary. Their value increases day by day.


Our cars are like new ones and in perfect condition, which is considered a curiosity in the Eastern Bloc. We restore them with great expertise, because we were using and working only with these cars during the last 30 years. If you want to buy a car before restoration condition, of course, this is also possible.








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