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Car Prices & others



About order:


The price of the cars are depend on their condition.
The prices belong to original standard cars. You can also order custom tuning cars for custom prices.
Please tell us the more specific nedds of yours (like color, vintage, condition, extras), so we can find you the appropriate car.
The "good condition" not means the same for everyone, so heres a little demonstration:




What kind of condition?




-The engine is working
-the car is usable
-common problems:
-little errors on the body
-painting errors
-little functional problems



-just very little and very few problems, that come from normal using

Like new:


Without problems,
Original or renovated to original conditon






The price of the car not contains the shipping costs.
The shipping cost depend on your location.
Its about 1900-3900 $, but you need to contact us to calculate your own shipping cost.
We can ship the car to your door or If you want save money, then to the port closest to you.
Shipping duration: 2-3 weeks






If you need any parts for socialist cars, feel free ordering from us. 
We have plenty of used and original parts, and we can also search for what You need.
Shipping cost is about 100$




Documents and taxes:


The price of the car doesnt contain the taxes and fees that you have to pay in your state.
The cars have Hungarian (European Union member) title and documents.
When you buy a car from us, we send you a Hungarian title, a Hungarian register, and a a bilingual sales contract.
If you need any other document please inform us.
Please refer to taxes and legislation for you.




Car prises:


Prices depend on the condition of the cars, but not in direct proportion to:







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