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The Trabant 1.1 is the last vehicle of the Trabant series from the VEB Sachsenring Zwickau car, from 1990, the Sachsenring auto plants GmbH.




After several of the GDR government (Günter Mittag) abandoned development projects in Zwickau in the mid-1980s, finally drew from the development of a new satellite model. 1984 IFA acquired the license for the construction of Volkswagen of 1,1 - and 1,3-liter four-stroke engines (EA 111). While Wartburg 1.3 and Barkas B1000-1 received the 1.3-liter engine, the 1.1-liter was installed in the Trabant, which was used among other things in the VW Polo.

After the great financial investment in the motor road was very little money for the renewal of the model. The body initially favored a prototype was rejected. Instead, the modernized technology concealed under the altered only in detail the exterior of the Trabant 601, as was the Trabant 1.1, a new metal hood, a new grille, plastic bumpers, new taillights and a rear right filler neck. Not visible at first glance are the reinforced front section to accommodate the heavy engine and disc brakes.

In the trade press in 1990 showed an almost schizophrenic view of the evaluation of the Trabant 1.1. On one hand, he was depicted as an unreasonable car whose production start would be best to avoid. At the same time its official business idea and a commentary of the IFA Director General was published in which this snubbed on non-promotional coverage of the Trabant 1.1. [1] In this review of the KFT one comes to the following conclusion: "In 1973 [...] we have sued the heyday of small steps now its over, but you can not make friends with the result remains as consolation.. that the small car with plastic body in 1964 and the engine from the now time [...] really drives much better than it looks. "



On the market

The new model was introduced in autumn 1989 and should cost 18,900 marks. The car, however, was not accepted joyfully. After 26 years and at a price increase by 6,000 Mark wanted to no longer accept a car that Western standards so afterwards hung.

When in May 1990 was the production of the called "Trabant IFA 1.1" car in series, the Treaty monetary, economic and social union with the Federal Republic had been signed. With the introduction of the DM in the GDR on 1 July 1990 were Western cars available at short notice for everyone. The image and the art of Western European car manufacturers had nothing to oppose the Trabant. The demand was correspondingly low. The marketing attempts as a "fun car" for under 6,000 DM failed. After only twelve months left, the last of 39,474 "1.1" in the work. On 30 April 1991 that ended after 33 years, the production of the Trabant.




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